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I have been doing it since I was 13! what about you!

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Eye Dominance

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When you are shooting does it feel like you can’t quite hit the bird? You know your not cross-eyed, but maybe your cross dominate.  Just because you shoot on your right side doesn’t always mean you’re seeing the bird with the right, and vice versa, unless, of course,  you close one eye.   By limiting your total range of vision, it also limits your ability to get that hit.

Keep both eyes open as you practice and determine which eye is dominate. To do that use an object across the room as a point of reference. From a standing position point at the object and close your right eye. If the object continues to remain at the tip of your finger, you are right eye dominant.

Repeat this a few times to be sure.  Although, in general, it’s not going to change. Whether your cross dominate or not, it’s always good to know which eyeball your brain is deferring to.

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